Theory and brief outline of my ethos
What are my roots: My life began with a simple background and basic home life. No fancy upbringing no fancy contacts and no friends in high places, from a working class family with a mother (Maureen) father (Anthony) and two brothers (Anthony and John.)
Ethos: I learned from a very early age that I had to fight for everything and that, only the fighters in life got anywhere. Well that's what I was led to believe, however my career as a fireman soon taught me that there was more to life than possession's and ego. I found that I really cared what others thought and also realised that I could alter or change that perception by my actions.
So who's the mug: Well probably me, but it doesn't really matter. It's my decision to help others and at the end of the day I go to sleep at night knowing that I have done some good in my lifetime. I know that may seem cheesy but if you try it yourself, yes actually try to do something for somebody else without expecting something in return, then you will understand what I am about.
  Where did it get me ?
Basically nowhere: I still live amongst the lower classes still have very little and still don't have friends in high places. I do however have a fantastic wife (only she knows how she puts up with me) three great children and a lot of good friends. Oh and to be fair, I have developed a lot of connections in high places.


Eastlands Stars


Sporting Dynamite



Design and development ?

Basically after leaving the fire service I was at a loose end. During a discussion with my eldest brother Tony in 1995 the idea of computers and design was aired which seemed not a bad idea at the time as I had always considered myself artistic and the computer scene fascinated me.

Only one problem, I knew nothing about computers and I wasn't that good at art ! Eleven years later after numerous college courses and endless nights trawling the Internet for answers I have now developed extensive knowledge in several disciplines.


IT Qualifications - post 1995:

IT Level !, IT Level 2, IT Level 3, Basic Pascal Programming, CAD Level 1, CAD Level 2, CAD Level 3, Computer Maintenance Level 2,Computer Maintenance Level 3, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Windows 2000 Server.


IT Achievement:

Director Cheer4Life (non for profit)
Sport4life Network & systems administrator, web designer & creator;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and this site.


Other Achievement
Commonwealth Games PVP Volunteer, Eastserve Champions, UKCA, Cheer4Life, Sport4Life, Uniform in the Park, Vale Residents Association, Manchester Housing Project (through Keith Spalding), Ravensbury School Allotment, Philips Park Community Orchard, UKCA, StreetCheer, Urbanathlon, Run4fun, East Manchester Community Sports Network, Eastlands Stars, StreetCheer, AFC Clayton, Sporting Dynamite, Personal Best, AJs Operation, The Smiley Face Appeal.
Set up or assisted with the following:
The Vale Residents Association, The Parks User Group, Philips Park Community Orchard, Philips Park Allotments ran Ravensbury School Plot, Eastlands Stars Cheerleading Association, Pioneer Street Day Nursery set up allotment and planted fruit trees, Uniform In The Park, Parties in the Park, Eastserve, Eastserve Champions, UKCA Nationals, UKCA European Championships, Phillips Park Hall Renovation, Clayton Hall Garden Renovations, Clayton Park removal of Bee Hive Buildings, LAP's Area 5, Clayton Community House helped set up computer network, Sport4life, Cheer4life, Manchester Catholic Snooker League, Clayton Conservative Club, Higher Openshaw Working Men's Club, H.O.W.M.C Angling Section, Eastlands Stars, UKCA, StreetCheer, East Manchester Community Sports Network, AFC Clayton, Sporting Dynamite, Personalbest NW, AJs Operation, The Smiley Face Appeal.
Posts Held (Voluntary):
Cheer4Life Director, Sport4Life Technical Administrator, Manchester Catholic Snooker League Treasurer, Eastlands Stars Treasurer, Eastserve Champion, Eastserve Project Board, Higher Openshaw W.M.C games secretary, Eastlands Stars Vice President, H.O.W.M.C Angling Section Treasurer, Clayton Representative LAP's Area 5, Uniform In The Park Secretary, Eastlands Stars Treasurer, Philips Park Community Orchard Secretary, The Vale Residents Association committee, The Parks User Group Secretary, Philips Park Allotments Secretary, East Manchester Community Sports Network Treasurer, Eastlands Stars Website Administrator, Sport4life Website Administrator, UKCA Volunteer Coordinator, Cheer4life Website Administrator, Urbanathlon Website Administrator, Sporting Dynamite Treasurer, UKCA Website Administrator, UKCA Health and Safety Officer, StreetCheer Website Administrator, StreetCheer Health and Safety Officer, AFC Clayton Fundraiser, Urbanathlon Communications Coordinator, Sporting Dynamite Website Administrator, Sporting Dynamite President, Personalbestnw Website Administrator, AJs Operation The Smiley Face Appeal Senior Fund Manage, AJsop Website Administrator.
Further Qualifications and Achievements:
Event Management, Security, Volunteering, Business Time Management, UKCA L2, UKCA Judging L1, L2 Tumbling, First Aid, Child Protection.
Summing up:

As you can see I have had an extensive career volunteering & helping others and in my time will have earned the respect and acceptance of my peers. Unfortunately not, It's fine while they need you but when you are no longer required you will be cast aside. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but it is sadly the truth and something I was forced to accept in 2009.

used to believe that the good days made up for the bad ones and always looked for the good in people but like others I now find that this is not the case.

Will I continue to volunteer:

I think I will and I hope I do but we will just have to see what happens.

The real test will come this year. I will have a go and see how it works out but I don't think I will ever volunteer to the level I did in the past. I will still have my favorites and will always have a soft spot for helping children but we will just have to see how it pans out.

One final thought:

When you look around, do you find yourself stood at the top of the pile with all the riches and fineries of life? If the answer is no then you are the same as me and about 98% of the country.

Now factor in that every person in the UK produces about 1000Ibs (450kg) of rubbish (sh*t) each year and it's a proven fact that sh*t rolls down hill. Then by now like me you should have figured that you are going to find yourself in (sh*t) most days of your life!

And to the People that shall remain nameless:

Enjoy your life and all that comes with it.

Alan Massey Copyright 2006 All rights reserved